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  • PDX lV power distribution box

  • PDX lV power distribution box

  • PDX lV power distribution box

PDX lV power distribution box

The Main Features

1、It adopts the assembled structure, and the box parts are connected with the standard parts for forming, free of welding, and the assembly is fast and flexible with strong universality

2、Beautiful appearance, smooth lines, novel and unique

3、According to different requirements of users can be made of stainless steel panels or plastic panels

4、Guide rail is used to adjust the connection between the box body and the box shell. During construction, the box shell is loaded into the reserved wall first, and then the box body is loaded into the box shell after the wall painting and decoration is finished, which ensures the good cooperation between the panel and the wall and improves the construction quality

5、The connection between the box body and the box shell is adjusted with guide rail, which ADAPTS to the embedding and installation of walls with different thicknesses and solves the construction difficulty caused by the depth error surface of the reserved hole

6、The incoming position of the power line is provided with a series connection terminal, which ensures the connection of parallel power supply of the power box and is convenient and reliable

7、Electrical components in the box are fixed in the form of guide rail, convenient for installation and maintenance of bus and branch lines are tin-copper bus, neat and beautiful

Product Introduction

Distribution box can reasonably distribute power supply, easy to switch the circuit has a high level of safety protection, can directly show the conductive state

Environmental conditions for product use

1、Ambient medium temperature shall not be higher than +40℃ or lower than -25℃

2、Ambient air relative humidity at +20℃ ±5℃ C, not more than 85%

3、Vertical installation, incline not more than 5, installation site elevation not more than 2000m, no strong vibration around

4、Medium without corrosion of metal and damage electrical insulation flammable and explosive gas and conductive dust

Product Advantage

The distribution box has small size, convenient installation, high space utilization, small occupation area, 

The distribution box has good technical performance,strong versatility,stable operation, and good environmental protection effect