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What Is A Low Voltage Switchgear?

Oct. 18, 2019

Low Voltage Switchgear is suitable for power transmission, power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries, as power transmission, distribution and power conversion. It is designed reasonably, can be unitized design according to the characteristics of various switch electrical, combined into functional units, secondly common structure, flexible assembly, to meet various structural forms, viewing level and use of surrounding conditions, can be separately composed of protection, Operation, conversion, control and other standard unit module structures are optional for the group generation. At the same time, the isolation between the areas and the isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of the functional units are effectively used to effectively enhance the safety protection performance. Finally, the technical parameters are internationally leading Level.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

So what are the models of the switchgear? Generally, the following are commonly used, including assembled low-voltage switchgear, MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, MS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, MNSQH withdrawable low-voltage switchgear, GCS low-voltage withdrawable switch Cabinet, GCK (L) low voltage switchgear, GCS low voltage withdrawable switchgear, GCK Low Voltage Switchgear, GCK withdrawable switchgear, GGD low voltage fixed switchgear, etc. GCS low-voltage switchgear is designed and developed by the two joint design teams according to the requirements of the competent department of the industry, the majority of power users and design units. It conforms to the national conditions, has high technical performance indicators, can adapt to the development needs of the power market and can be combined with existing products. Competing low-voltage withdrawable switchgear.

According to the above models, we can also understand the classification of low-voltage switchgear. Generally speaking, the structure is divided into fixed and withdrawable.

The fixed type can satisfy the position that each electrical component is reliably fixed in the cabinet. The shape of the cabinet is generally a cube, such as a screen type, a box type, etc., and a prismatic body such as a table top. This type of cabinet has a single row and is also arranged.

In order to ensure the shape and size of the cabinet, the stepwise combination of the components is often adopted. Generally, two pieces or two sides are formed first, and then the cabinets are formed, or the shape requirements are first met, and then the internal supports of the cabinet are sequentially connected. The lengths of the parts that make up the edges of the cabinet must be correct (the tolerances are negative) in order to ensure the geometric dimensions of all aspects, thus ensuring the overall shape requirements. For the two sides of the cabinet, due to the need for alignment, there should be no bulging in the middle.

In addition, from the perspective of installation, the bottom surface cannot be sunken. In the arrangement and installation, the foundation leveling is a prerequisite, but the dryness and the cabinet itself have certain errors. In the arrangement, the lateral difference should be offset as much as possible, without causing the difference to accumulate, because the difference accumulation will cause the cabinet to deform. It affects busbar connection and component assembly eccentricity, stress concentration, and even affects the life of electrical appliances. Therefore, in the arrangement, the highest point of the foundation should be used as the installation reference point, and then the step should be gradually expanded. Under the condition that the dryness of the bottom surface is ideal and predictable, the method of expanding from the middle to the side can also be adopted to make the accumulated difference cloth.

The draw-out type is composed of a fixed cabinet and a movable device part equipped with main electrical components such as switches. The movable part is lightly moved when moving, and the positioning is reliable after moving in, and the drawers of the same type and specification can be reliably exchanged and extracted. The method of processing the cabinet part in the formula is basically similar to that of the fixed cabinet. However, due to the interchange requirements, the accuracy of the cabinet must be improved, and the relevant part of the structure should have sufficient adjustment. As for the movable part, it must be replaced and the main components must be reliably loaded, so it must be higher. The mechanical strength and high precision, and the relevant part must have sufficient adjustment.

Finally, we need to understand the conditions of use of low-voltage switchgear, as a professional Low Voltage Switchgear Supplier we can answer for you.

First, the ambient air temperature must not exceed +40°C, not less than -5°C, and its average temperature within 24 h must not exceed +35°C;

Secondly, the air is clean. When the maximum temperature is +40°C, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%. At lower temperatures, a larger relative humidity is allowed. In addition, the pollution level is 3; the altitude of the installation site must not exceed 2000 m; Special use conditions, negotiate separately when ordering. If you are interested in low voltage switchgear, you can contact us, I believe we can give you professional services.