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What Are The Safety Requirements For Low Voltage Switchgear?

Nov. 01, 2019

Low-voltage switchgear is suitable for power transmission, power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries, as power transmission, distribution and power conversion. In order to ensure the general insurance operation of the high-pressure dining room, the high-pressure dining room configuration is in the vicinity of the inflatable core. The low-voltage switchgear must be equipped with dust-free and aggressive media to ensure insurance. The conditions are absolutely boring, and the pattern is absolutely small and boring. Low voltage food cabinets should be excessively protected from vibration. So what are the safety requirements and precautions when using low voltage switchgear? Low Voltage Switchgear Supplier will come to tell you.

The power distribution and distribution equipment of the low voltage distribution room shall be configured in a safe and viable economic condition and shall be easy to install, operate, transport and maintain. Low voltages must be equipped with appropriate distances and entrances, and the necessary safety and hazardous loads for nudity are covered by the outside of the person's arms. A protective cover can be used to protect blankets and blankets.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

The current distribution circuit of the low-voltage switchgear takes into account the distance between the person and the line, and is configured according to conditions, ground environment characteristics, and building characteristics. Consider the mechanical and electrical constraints caused by the short circuit.

The main reason affecting the composition of low-voltage electrical cabinets is to prevent external heat from affecting the use, prevent water from affecting the use, prevent external mechanical damage from affecting the use, prevent the line from entering the ash, and prevent the influence of ionizing radiation.

Low Voltage Distribution

During the maintenance process, personal monitoring is required. Before the work, the power supply test must be conducted. The examiner must be familiar with the operation of the low-voltage switchgear and the entire mechanical chain. The maintenance process includes power to the two lines during maintenance. Also, the busbar unloads all of the residual charge of the circuit.

So how do you check the preparations before using the Low Voltage Switchgear? Before the installation, the supervisory engineer and the evening engineer must confirm that the channel is smooth. A simple transport corridor needs to be established for the general contractor to connect to the installation site. The layout of the construction site should meet the requirements for building safety and civilization. At the same time, check the construction equipment configuration of the low-voltage switchgear equipment, check the installation equipment, and check the construction machine to ensure a good condition. Power distribution equipment, current, and base channel steel are completed before high voltage equipment arrives at the site.

Circulation room

Before constructing the distribution room, a detailed design drawing must be submitted to the builder to request the customer to provide the E drawing. In the construction of the distribution room of the low-voltage switchgear, the technicians or co-operators of the construction workers shall be supervised on site in order to avoid construction errors. (Distribution room project is about 2 weeks).

The position of the channel steel corresponds to the equipment conduit housed in the dispensing chamber, and the minimum distance between the equipment and the wall is clear (too close to the cabinet door of the equipment). (It takes about 2 days to solder the channel steel. The technician must go to the site. If the low-voltage switchgear distribution room and foundation are not established, the equipment must be stored in the storage location (providing rain proof or necessary rain proof material).

The above is the precautions and safety requirements for the use of low-voltage switchgear, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in low voltage switchgear, you can contact us, we can not only provide you with low voltage switchgear, but also Substation Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear and other products, welcome you.