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After the cable is installed, do you know how to maintain it 1?

Nov. 12, 2019

The cable installation manufacturer then introduces the corrosion protection of the cable after cable installation.

Corrosion monitoring

Cable corrosion generally refers to the corrosion of cable metal lead or aluminum sheath, which can be divided into chemical corrosion and electrolytic corrosion.

The reason for chemical corrosion is generally the acid and alkali solution, chloride, organic humus and iron furnace ash in the soil near the cable line. The main source of electrolytic corrosion is caused by the stray current of the DC tram track or the electric railway.

Methods to prevent chemical corrosion:

1. Soil data were collected and chemically analyzed to determine the extent of soil and groundwater erosion. Take steps to change the path, partially replace the bad soil, or put the cable in a corrosion-resistant pipe.

2. When the cable is found to be corroded or a chemical leak is found on the cable line, the soil is inspected and the nearby soil is chemically analyzed to determine the extent of the damage.

3. For outdoor overhead laying cable, regularly brush anti-corrosion paint.

Cable Installation

Methods to prevent electrolytic corrosion:

1. Strengthen the insulation between the cable sheath and the large metal objects nearby.

2. Device discharge or forced discharge, polar drainage equipment, cathode station, etc.

3. Install a cover tube.

4. Online Monitoring

Cable and channel fire protection

Cable fire accidents are caused by external fire sources or their own faults. They are characterized by fierce fire, rapid spread, difficult rescue, and serious losses. There are many reasons for the fire on the cable, and it is difficult to avoid it fundamentally. Therefore, in order to avoid the serious loss of cable fire accidents, on the one hand, we must actively try to remove the hidden danger of cable fire; on the other hand, we must attach great importance to countermeasures to effectively prevent cable fire and flame.

At present, the more common cable fire prevention method is to use fireproof materials to flame retard and prevent flame retardation. Existing fireproof materials include fireproof coatings, fireproof plugs, and fillers.

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