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How To Maintain The Substation Cabinet?

Aug. 08, 2019

Here is Outdoor Prefabricated Substation Supplier talking about how to maintain the substation cabinet.

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Usually when we use an item or equipment, we always do maintenance inspections. So how do we perform maintenance inspections on substation cabinets?

Outdoor Prefabricated Substation

Outdoor Prefabricated Substation

1. Before the power outage, inform the user in advance, prepare for the power outage, and match the corresponding tools to avoid the situation that no tools are available during the maintenance.

2. Before the maintenance of the substation cabinet, the division of labor and maintenance should be clear, implement the sectional maintenance, first maintain the security load section; stop the security load, if the load is for the mains as usual, disconnect the air switch for the security load mains, Put the generator selector switch in the "stop" position, disassemble the battery positive and negative lines, and the nameplate to prevent the generator from sending power. Check if there is any deformation at the busbar joint, whether there is any blackening of the discharge, and tighten the bolt. If the bolt is rusted, it should be replaced to ensure the connection is tight. Check whether the insulator on the busbar is loose or damaged. Remove the separate cabinets from the cabinet, tighten the terminals, check the installation and wiring of the current transformer, ammeter, and watt-hour meter, check the flexible reliability of the handle mechanism, tighten the air and grow in and out of the line, and clean the switch. Dust from the lead wire inside the cabinet and behind the power distribution cabinet.

3. After all the equipments are inspected and repaired one by one, the corresponding equipment is removed during the maintenance, and the corresponding installation is clear. After the final inspection, the power supply can be kept in circulation after confirmation.