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Production Process of Stable Operation Power Distribution Box

May. 22, 2019

1. Design: Design Stable Operation Power Distribution Box dimensions according to customer requirements.

2. Cutting material: Cut the cold-rolled board with the shearing machine to the required size.

3. Stamping: punch out the corners and handles.

4. Folding: Fold the inner and outer folds with a folding machine.

5, seamless welding: full welding reinforcement. Sub-welding and welding.

6, pickling and phosphating: mainly to remove oil and rust.

7. Finished product: Purchase of finished product packaging:

Convenient Installation Power Distribution Box, stainless steel distribution cabinet sheet thickness, finished thickness material thickness 0.6 mm. The finished product is generally composed of two parts of materials, the inner plate is sealed, the measuring plate and the panel are all closed inside and outside. Looking at the full-welding technology of the internal structure, the dense and solid goods are firm. Whether it is pickled and phosphatized, without pickling and phosphating, it cannot be completely fused in the steel plate during polishing, and the moisture-proof quality is relatively poor.

Stable Operation Power Distribution Box