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Routine Maintenance Of Safe Low Voltage Switchgear

Apr. 26, 2019

Routine Maintenance Of Safe Low Voltage Switchgear

1. Check the environment around the Safe Low Voltage Switchgear and check the surrounding environment with a thermometer, hygrometer and other instruments.

2. Check the device for abnormal noise, abnormal vibration, etc.

3. Check the power supply voltage and the main circuit voltage is normal.

4. Remove the variable frequency wiring, short-circuit the terminals R, S, T, U, W together, measure the insulation resistance between them and the grounding terminal with a DC500V megameter, should be above 5M, strengthen the fasteners, observe whether the components are There are signs of fever.

5. Check if the terminal is damaged, if the conductor is skewed, and if the outer layer of the wire is damaged.

6. Check whether the filter capacitor leaks liquid and expands. The capacitance measuring device should measure the static capacitance to be more than 85% of the rated capacity. Check whether there is sound when the relay is moving, whether the contact is rough or broken; check the resistor insulator for cracks. , to confirm whether there is a disconnection.

7. Check whether the output voltage of each phase is balanced when the Reliable Low Voltage Switchgear is running; perform a sequence protection action test to show whether the protection circuit is abnormal.

Safe Low Voltage Switchgear