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Characteristics And Application Of Reliable Indoor Electrical Switchgear

May. 08, 2019

The Reliable Indoor Electrical Switchgear has a small footprint. The general box-type substation covers an area of only 5~6m2, and can even reduce it by 3~3.5m2. It is suitable for high-voltage power supply to the load center in industrial and mining enterprises, ports and residential quarters where general load is dense, reducing the low-voltage power supply radius and reducing losses. There are fewer low-voltage power supply lines, generally 4~6. Shorten the on-site construction cycle and reduce investment. When using new equipment such as fully sealed transformers and SF6 switchgear, the equipment maintenance cycle can be extended and even maintenance-free requirements can be achieved. The appearance is novel and beautiful, and can be coordinated with the environment around the substation.

Power Plant Indoor Electrical Switchgear is the main direction of the current rural power grid reconstruction and future substation construction. In short, looking into the future, box-type substation will be widely used in China's vast cities, rural areas, industrial and mining enterprises, public buildings, and it will be beautiful. The advantages of cheaper are used by more and more people, and the level of power grid operation in China has reached a new level.

Reliable Indoor Electrical Switchgear