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Problems To Be Solved In Distribution Box Installation

Dec. 23, 2019

If you do not pay attention to these small details during the installation of the distribution box, you may delay major events!

Question 1: the distribution box was not inspected after entering

Consequence: The distribution box is not inspected after entering the site, so things usually happen during installation. For example, the second-layer board does not have a dedicated ground bolt, the protective ground section is small, the wires and appliances are not firmly connected, and there are reverse loops, There is no card cabinet and electrical road map, appliance layout, unreasonable spacing, etc. If it is modified, it will seriously affect the construction period and product quality.

Solution: When processing and ordering the distribution box, first communicate with the manufacturer to let the manufacturer know what kind of distribution box they want, and ask the manufacturer to make a sample. After the acceptance is passed, the manufacturer is required to carry out mass production; And when the product enters the factory, strictly follow the standard to conduct a general survey, and then confirm the installation before installation. Our company provides Stable Operation Power Distribution Box.

Stable Operation Power Distribution Box

Question 2: The wood used in the distribution box is not flame-retardant treated

Consequences: If the distribution box is used in a humid and dusty environment, the wood in it will easily rot and cause leakage; in addition, the wooden box is not treated with flame retardant treatment, and it is also very likely to cause fire and affect the surrounding environment.

Solution: In order to ensure safe use, the wood used in the distribution box must be flame-retardant treated.

Question 3: The distribution box is not installed securely and the elevation does not meet the requirements. When it is concealed, the panel cannot be close to the wall.

Consequence: The elevation of the distribution box installation does not meet the requirements, the installation is not firm, and the box is not vertical. When it is concealed, the edges around the panel are not close to the wall, which affects the use function and has a bad look.

Solution: The elevation of the distribution box should meet the design requirements. When designing its standards, the standard height of the bottom of the distribution box from the ground should be 1.5 meters.

The installation of the distribution box should be firm, and the verticality of the installation is allowed to vary, but it should not be greater than three millimeters. In the case of concealed installation, there should be no gap around the distribution box, and the periphery of the panel should be close to the wall.

Question 4: The wiring in the distribution box is scattered and unorganized

Consequence: If the wiring in the distribution box is messy, the two-layer board inside the box will tightly press the nozzle, which will affect the wires entering the group. If they are squeezed in for a long time, the wire insulation will be damaged for a long time, which will cause a short circuit.

Solution: When the distribution box is made of metal plates, it must be rust-proof and anti-corrosive. It is not allowed to use electrical welding openings in the cable outlets in the box. One tube and one hole are required. The metal box holes must be protected before being threaded.

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