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The Difference Between The Electrical Equipment Cabinet And The Secondary Equipment

May. 15, 2019

1. Primary Substation Electrical Switchgear refers to high-voltage electrical equipment used directly in the production process of producing, transporting and distributing electrical energy. It includes circuit breakers, disconnectors, automatic switches, knife switches, cable buses, transmission lines, power cables, and more. An electrical device that is connected to each other by a primary device, constitutes a switch of a Municipal Construction Electrical Switchgear, or performs a process of opening and closing thereof is called a primary device. Also known as passive components.

2. Secondary equipment refers to the low-voltage electrical equipment required to monitor, control, regulate, and protect the operation of primary equipment and provide operating conditions or production command signals for operation and maintenance personnel. The electrical equipment that is connected to each other by secondary equipment to constitute monitoring, control, regulation, and protection of the primary equipment is called a secondary equipment. Also known as active components.

Primary Substation Electrical Switchgear