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Precautions During Use Of The Power Distribution Cabinet

Nov. 19, 2019

Distribution boxes, power distribution cabinets, etc., are common distribution facilities in daily life. Once used or improperly repaired, they will cause major safety accidents. Every time we see an accident caused by illegal operation or improper operation, the professional high and low voltage switch-gear manufacturer thinks it is responsible and obliged to sort out the matters needing attention for the use of the power distribution cabinet and share with you. It is hoped that through our efforts we can reduce the occurrence of tragedy.

Power Distribution Cabinet

Today, I would like to share with you four points for attention in the use of the distribution cabinet:

First, set posts and responsibilities. The power department of distribution box equipment shall number, register and file each low-voltage distribution box, manage at different levels, clarify the responsibilities, and regularly carry out technical inspection and maintenance for the distribution box. If any problems are found, they shall be recorded and eliminated in time to nip the accident in the bud.

Second, set standards and set assessments. According to the maintenance checklist of the power distribution cabinet, regular inspections are carried out. If the components in the distribution box are found to have severe heat generation, the cause of the heat should be ascertained. It should be tightened in time if it is found that the wiring is loose. In addition, if there is dust, debris, etc. in the distribution box, it should be cleaned in time to keep the distribution box clean and tidy.

Third, set the precautions. Distribution box repairs or operators cannot stack, hang work supplies or other items within 1.2 meters in front of the distribution box door. In addition, there is no water accumulation around the distribution box, which may cause electric shock accidents, and non-professional electricians are not allowed to disassemble and assemble the electrical components in the electric box.

Fourth, set operating procedures. The operation of the distribution box should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation rules. During the use of the distribution box, the switch should be closed with load strictly. Otherwise, the large electric arc will be formed and the distribution components will be burnt or the operators of the distribution box will burn and scald.

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