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Production Process Of Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel

Mar. 27, 2019

Today's society, the national scope of the production of Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel manufacturers have a lot of. But the production process is strictly standardized, quality assurance of the manufacturers are not many. Today we have a brief talk about the production process of distribution cabinet. First is the blanking, after the blanking shearing and opening. Then the Angle followed by folding, welding molding, welding after the welding to polish the welding, to achieve the effect of decontamination oil. And pickling, rust removal, and then phosphating spray baking. So you can assemble the case. Door, door lock installation and electrical components installation and primary, secondary wire wiring. Final quality check, after quality check is qualified, can pack external sale.

We in order to provide the general users with better quality Low Voltage Switchgear, strict production process and technology. Every process is painstaking. Only in this way can we provide higher quality distribution cabinets for the majority of users.

Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel