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Regular Maintenance Of The Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel

Jun. 12, 2019

The Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel is a relatively common product in our life, mainly used in factories, mines, enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, schools and other fields. As a control box, regular maintenance is very necessary. Today we will come together to talk about the maintenance points of the control box. There are mainly the following steps:

1. First cut off the power supply and clean the dust inside and outside the Low Voltage Switchgear.

2. Check the components in the electric control cabinet, the starter cabinet, whether the wires and the wire ends are loose or abnormally heated, and find the problem immediately.

3. For the melting of the contact or the temperature rise of the coil is too high, the action is not working, the oxidation of the protection device mechanism is blocked, and the components that are worn out by the operating mechanism should be replaced immediately.

4. Check all types of temperature sensors, pressure sensor controllers, water flow controller thermometer pressure gauges for looseness and immediately deal with them.

5. Under normal voltage, the contactor, relay, and solenoid valve should be replaced immediately if they have hum.

Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel