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Common Test Of MNS Indoor Electrical Switchgear

May. 05, 2019

1. Type test: A test performed on one or more devices or MNS Indoor Electrical Switchgear manufactured in accordance with a design requirement to verify that the design requirements meet certain specifications.

2. Routine test: Also called the factory test, the test carried out during or after the completion of each device or device to determine whether the device or device meets a certain standard.

3. Medium test: It is a general term for various tests of Safety Indoor Electrical Switchgear to test the electrical properties of the medium, including: insulation, static electricity, and withstand voltage.

Sampling test: Several samples randomly selected from a batch of products are tested to determine whether the sample meets certain criteria.

4. Life test: A test to determine the life expectancy of a product under specified conditions, or a test to evaluate the life characteristics of an analytical product, is a destructive test.

5. Tolerance test: Under the specified conditions, such as specific operation taken for a certain purpose within a certain period of time, tests on the product, such as repeated operation, short circuit, over voltage, vibration, impact, etc., are destructive tests.

6. Commissioning test: The test carried out on the product at the site to prove that the installation is correct and the product operation is normal.

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