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What Are The Requirements For Maintenance Personnel In Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear?

May. 25, 2019

1) Master the basic knowledge of safe use of electricity and the performance of the Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear used;

2) Before using the equipment, wear and equip the corresponding labor protection articles as required; and check that the electrical installations and protection facilities are in good condition. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with "illness";

3) The deactivated Strong Interchangeability Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear must be powered off and locked, and the switch box is locked;

4) Responsible for protecting the load line, protection neutral and switch box of all equipment. Find problems and report them in time;

5) Relocation or moving of electrical equipment must be carried out after the electrician has cut off the power and properly disposed of it. In addition to mastering certain skills, the operation and maintenance workers of the stainless steel distribution box also need a certain understanding of the stainless steel distribution box. The combination of the electrical skills and the knowledge of the stainless steel distribution box can be correct and fast in operation and maintenance. mission accomplished.

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