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Low-voltage Switchgear Implementation Standards Increase Safety

Sep. 10, 2019

Here is a professional Low Voltage Switchgear Supplier talking about low-voltage switchgear implementation standards increase safety.

Low-voltage switchgear implementation standards apply to power distribution systems in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries. In large power plants, petrochemical systems, etc., where automation is high, and the interface with the computer is required, the three-phase AC frequency is 50 (60) Hz, the rated working voltage is: 380V (400), (660), and the rated current is 4000A. The following low-voltage power distribution units for power distribution, motor centralized control, and reactive power compensation in power and power supply systems.

Safe Low Voltage Switchgear

Safe Low Voltage Switchgear

Low-voltage Switchgear performs standard power conversion, power distribution, and distribution equipment; distribution and control. The product has high breaking capacity and rated current withstand current up to 50KA. The circuit scheme is flexible, the combination is convenient, the utility is strong, and the structure is novel. This product is one of the representative products of China's assembled fixed panel switchgear, designed and manufactured according to GB7251.1-2005 standard.

The low-voltage switchgear implements a mechanical interlock between the standard function unit and the door for added safety. Fixed, plug-in and drawer mixing are possible in the same cabinet. The rated short-time withstand current of the product is designed according to 30kA, 50kA and 80kA respectively.

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