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What Is The Principle Of Low Voltage Switchgear Locking Device?

Jun. 19, 2019

The technical conditions of the Low Voltage Switchgear locking device (referred to as “technical conditions”) are applicable to the 3~35kV indoor switchgear to prevent electrical misoperation and locking devices.

When installing the locking device for the switchgear in operation, refer to the technical conditions, but the locking device should not affect the mechanical strength and electrical performance of the switchgear.

Five defenses: It is the abbreviation of preventing electric misoperation, that is, preventing mis-separation and mis-closing of circuit breakers; preventing hand-sewing isolation plugs with load distribution, isolation switch or push-pull metal-enclosed (armored) switchgear Prevent the grounding wire or grounding switch from being charged; prevent the grounding wire or grounding switch from being closed; prevent the charging interval from being mistaken.

The following high and low voltage electrical equipment manufacturers tell you about the principle of the GCK Low Voltage Switchgear locking device?

1. When the grounding knife is in the closed position, the circuit breaker trolley can only be pushed to the test position. After the grounding knife is opened, the switch car is allowed to continue to move to the working position.

2. When the circuit breaker trolley is placed in the test position, the secondary plug should be inserted; when the circuit breaker trolley is in the working position, the pressure plate on the secondary socket is blocked by the upper baffle of the trolley, the pressure plate cannot be opened, and the secondary plug cannot be Unplugged.

3. The rear cover of the five-proof switchgear is separated from the grounding switch by a pinning device. When the grounding switch is closed, the cover is allowed to open. The grounding switch allows the split operation when the cover is closed.

4. During the process of pushing the trolley switch into the switch cabinet, the insulation partition in front of the busbar side contacts is automatically pulled.

5. In order to facilitate the operation personnel to measure the insulation of the cable, an insulation detection hole is opened in the lower pile head (cable side static contact) baffle in the switch cabinet, and each time the insulation measurement is performed, it is still necessary to verify that there is no electricity according to the regulations. In order to perform insulation measurement work.

6. An electric display device shall not be used as a basis for the device to be unpowered. However, if there is a power indication, it is forbidden to work on the device.

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