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An Effective Way To Maintain a Low Voltage Switchgear

Jun. 01, 2019

Power off before disassembling the Low Voltage Switchgear, pay attention to safety; when cleaning the PLC control cabinet, be careful not to get the ash everywhere. Mark all the places that have been moved, pay attention to observation. For example, some lines are re-connected, and some line noses are re-pressed. It is necessary to observe whether there are problems in these places after the equipment is restarted.

Temperature and environmental conditions 0~40°C Relative humidity below 85%, amplitude less than 0.5mm (10~55Hz) No large amount of dust, salt and iron filings; 24VDC outlet voltage measurement: Whether the test system is insulated after the power is off within the normal range Use a shaker to test the insulation of the GCK Low Voltage Switchgear.

Grounding measurement: Pay attention to check whether the shielding layer is aging, the shielding layer is aging, the grounding is not good, and the station is easily lost. Analog signal grounding measurement: The principle is the same as above. Check the grounding wire for corrosion and rust.

For data that requires long-term archiving (such as historical trend curve data for the military industry), you can back up historical trend data to a mobile hard drive, then shut down the Windows-based operating system, and then turn off the total power. For some controllers that cannot communicate, For example, the soft starter needs to manually record the internal parameters in case of any eventuality.

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