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What is Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear?

Jul. 19, 2019

I believe that everyone does not understand Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear. Many people don’t even know what this is! The medium voltage switchgear is actually a place where the power consumption is large. It is necessary to install a medium voltage switchgear. It is a metal device, then let's understand the lower medium voltage switch cabinet.

Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear

Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear

The Reliable Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear avoids arc burning through the power equipment, guarantees the safety of power use, and avoids electricity consumption, The expansion of the medium voltage switch fault range. The medium voltage switchgear is composed of two parts: the cabinet and the circuit breaker. It has the functions of overhead access, cable entry and exit, and bus connection. The cabinet is composed of a casing, electrical components (including insulation), various mechanisms, secondary terminals, and wiring.