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How To Operate Safely For High And Low Voltage Switchgear?

Aug. 20, 2019

Here is a Small Size Outdoor Prefabricated Substation Factory talking about how to operate safely for high and low voltage switchgear.

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Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

The high and low voltage switchgear is an electrical device, as its name implies, a device that is connected to a high voltage or low voltage cable. Generally, the power supply bureau and the substation use high-voltage cabinets, and then the transformers are stepped down to the low-voltage cabinets, and the low-voltage cabinets are connected to the various power distribution boxes. The protection devices such as switch breakers are assembled into one. Electrical Equipment. So, how should the high and low voltage switchgear be operated safely?

1. Work on all and some of the powered disks, and the maintenance equipment and operating equipment should be clearly marked.

2. When drilling a large vibration such as drilling on the protection plate, measures should be taken to prevent the equipment from being turned off during operation.

3. The secondary windings of all current transformers and voltage transformers shall have permanent and reliable protection grounding.

4. When working on the secondary circuit of the running current transformer, the following safety measures should be taken:

1. It is strictly forbidden to disconnect the current loop;

2. In order to reliably short-circuit the secondary coil of the current transformer, the short-circuit piece and the short-circuit line must be used;

3. It is forbidden to perform any work on the circuit and wire between the current transformer and the short-circuit terminal;

4. Personnel should be supervised during work. Use insulated tools to stand on the insulation mat and do not disconnect the permanent ground in the circuit.

5. When working on the secondary circuit of the voltage transformer in operation, the following safety measures should be taken:

1. Strictly prevent short circuit or grounding;

2. Should use insulation tools, with insulation in the sleeve, if necessary, disable the relevant relay protection device before work;

3. When connecting temporary load, special switch and fuse must be installed;

4. In the secondary circuit side electricity test, in order to prevent the secondary side from being reversed from the secondary side, in addition to disconnecting the secondary circuit, the next time the burner should be removed;

5. Before the secondary circuit is energized or withstand voltage test, the on-duty personnel and relevant personnel should be notified and sent to the scene to check the circuit to confirm that no one can work after being pressurized.

6. Check the power-off protection and secondary circuit staff, and do not allow any switching operations without the permission of the watchman.

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