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High And Low Voltage Switchgear Used In Different Power Supply And Distribution Systems

Sep. 05, 2019

Find here details of Safe Low Voltage Switchgear on our website. Today we would like to talk about high and low voltage switchgear used in different power supply and distribution systems.

In the power supply and distribution system, high and low voltage switchgear should give priority to high-supply and high-meter, and should not consider low-voltage metering. When there is no way to measure the high-voltage side, the low-pressure metering method can be considered. At this time, the low-voltage metering cabinet should be placed at the most. The "front" surface, that is, the front of the low-voltage incoming line, the rear side of the transformer, but the metering cabinet cannot be under the maintenance of the low-voltage incoming line cabinet, so normally, it should be under the maintenance of the high-voltage switch of the transformer, so The center cabinet should be used.

Safe Low Voltage Switchgear

Safe Low Voltage Switchgear

Of course, following the development of power supply technology, the two types of cabinets have been greatly developed, and the central cabinets are becoming smaller and smaller; the ring network cabinets are becoming more and more functional; but overall, the center cabinets are used in the terminal. The user is controlling the equipment, but the price is relatively high; the ring network cabinet is initially depicted for the introduction and introduction of the power supply, and the function is simpler, but its layout is simple, the volume is compact, and the price is relatively low. As a Low Voltage Switchgear Supplier, we know that the function has been continuously expanded, especially its compact size is easy to be installed inside the “box change”, so it has been well developed; the current ring network cabinet is not only used as a communication switch cabinet, but also can be used as a loop-in and loop-out switch. Cabinet, metering cabinet, PT cabinet.

After the cable plug is installed, the cable is subjected to DC withstand voltage test. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the cable plug device, it can be carried out according to the national standard 35Kv, 5min. But usually think about the insulation strength of the user's armored cable, recommend the customer DC withstand voltage test according to 22Kv, 1min. During the experiment, the insulator sensor lead wire is grounded to avoid damage to the live display during the experiment. It is important to note that the arrester cannot participate in the withstand voltage test, and only the grounding copper bar at the lower end of the arrester is removed from the grounding.

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