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How To Prevent Corrosion Of Good Dynamic Stability Low Voltage Switchgear?

Apr. 10, 2019

Nowadays, many Good Dynamic Stability Low Voltage Switchgears have a general tight seal. When the rainy season comes, humid air will be drilled into the power distribution cabinet equipment through these gaps. The long-term accumulation of moisture will cause mildew and rust in the temperature and humidity environment. . If the weather is fine, the tightness of the cabinet will cause electric breathing. When the sun is shining, the greenhouse effect will cause the cabinet temperature to be lower than the external temperature, then the cabinet will absorb the external humidity, which will cause electric breathing, which will bring moisture and cause rust.

If you encounter a similar situation, you don't have to worry about it. The main reason is to seal the inlet and outlet lines and the door joints of the GCS Low Voltage Switchgear to block the moisture source. After the cabinet is sealed, the anti-condensation device or the power distribution cabinet dehumidifier is installed. The selection is mainly based on the volume of the power distribution cabinet.

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