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Good Dynamic Low Voltage Switchgear Power Transmission Process And Precautions

Apr. 15, 2019

The first thing to say is about some power transmission processes for Good Dynamic Low Voltage Switchgear. After receiving the power transmission notice, you need to go to the thermal power to send the electricity ticket. After the staff confirms the location of the power distribution cabinet, you can see the insulation. The condition is to ensure that the power can be sent, and finally check the position of the grounding knife. If it is grounded, it needs to be disconnected, and then check whether the mechanism has been reset.

Then what is to be said is how to check the position of the grounding knife of Thermal Stability Low Voltage Switchgear. The first point to check is to check whether the circuit breaker control power supply is in the closed position, then check the position of the circuit breaker and check the secondary side of the circuit breaker. The plug has been firmly inserted, the staff needs to use the crank to shake the circuit breaker car to a fixed working position, confirm whether the circuit breaker is in place, and then use the rocker to shake the car when the body needs to avoid the circuit breaker The observation window of the device to avoid accidents. If there is no way to shake the circuit breaker and the light in the working position of the circuit breaker is lit, it indicates that the car has reached the position required for the work, and then the staff determines through the comprehensive insurance that the circuit breaker has received power. After the above operations are completed, the device of the relevant power transmission unit is notified that the device has been powered.

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