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How Does The GCK Low Voltage Switchgear Work?

Mar. 30, 2019

IT is well known that many of the data center will require IT equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop run continuously, IT is the GCK Low Voltage Switchgear proposed very special maintenance requirements, like the need to repair replacement of miniature circuit breaker, we will not able to disconnect the upstream into the line of circuit breaker, in order to avoid the influence of happens (parallel) on the bus the other circuit that requires the electrical components of intelligent power distribution ark need to adopt heat to maintain. Now the market can be used is the special manufacture of bus copper bar, of course, there is the common bus copper bar.

The Stability Low Voltage Switchgear can reduce and control the harmonic current brought by the load. Because the equipment for IT are perceptual load, but brings upstream of the power distribution system is a large number of harmonics, these factors are all will affect the final data center for the stable operation of the power distribution system and the service life of electrical equipment, so very need to increase the intelligent power distribution ark can reduce harmonic function and governance of IT equipment. In general, the intelligent power distribution cabinet is to adopt the harmonic management mode and isolate the transformer in series in the distribution line. The addition of isolation transformers will obviously reduce the adverse impact of IT load on the power grid.

Intelligent distribution cabinet can maintain the existence of zero ground voltage, so as to meet the requirements of zero ground voltage difference for IT equipment. In order to reduce the zero ground voltage line of IT equipment, the isolated transformer end is used for grounding again above the installation of the power distribution cabinet, and the neutral line current caused by the three-phase imbalance of IT equipment is introduced into the earth.

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