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Installation Specifications For Factories Low Voltage Electric Panel

May. 29, 2019

For the appearance of the Factories Low Voltage Electric Panel, carry out a detailed inspection to see if there is any deformation and whether the paint is peeling off. It is necessary to ensure that the equipment and components of the electrical appliances are complete and there are no defects such as damage. Check the distribution box number and installation position. Pay attention to the grounding of the door should use soft copper braided wire.

The power distribution cabinet must have basic working conditions, the installation site has been painted, the embedded parts have been completed, and the transportation road of the site has been smooth.

According to the design of the site, determine the installation location and determine the installation position of the cable according to the size of the Mines Low Voltage Electric Panel.

According to the construction drawings, the basic frame frame is prefabricated. The installation should be leveled and aligned. The gasket needs to be welded by electric welding. The basic frame needs to be about 10mm higher than the surface of the smearing.

Installation and construction requirements, the power distribution cabinet installation is smoothly placed on the basic frame, after the column of the counter is placed, the horizontal plate surface fine adjustment, must meet the requirements of national standard installation. And welded firmly.

a If the high-voltage test is to be installed by the regional power supply bureau, it must be installed in accordance with the installation regulations and product technical requirements of the local power supply department.

b High-voltage cabinet frame, voltage transformer, lightning arrester, busbar and other switches are to be tested.

c. Adjust the time relay, overcurrent relay, signal relay and mechanical interlock.

d. Insulate the insulation of each circuit with a 500V insulation resistance measuring instrument.

Factories Low Voltage Electric Panel