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Drawer Type Low Voltage Switchgear Features

Oct. 25, 2019

The drawer type Low Voltage Switchgear is composed of a fixed cabinet and a movable device part equipped with main electrical components such as switches. The movable part is lightly moved when moving, and the positioning is reliable after moving in, and the drawers of the same type and specification can be reliably mutually In the replacement, the processing method of the cabinet part in the withdrawal type is basically similar to that of the fixed type cabinet. However, due to the interchange requirements, the accuracy of the cabinet must be improved, and the relevant part of the structure should have sufficient adjustment. As for the movable part, it must be replaced and the main components must be reliably loaded, so it must be higher. The mechanical strength and high precision, and the relevant part must have sufficient adjustment. What are the specific characteristics of the drawer type low voltage switchgear? Low Voltage Switchgear Manufacturer will come to tell you.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

The drawer type switchgear is made of steel plate and closed, and the electrical components of the inlet and outlet circuits are installed in drawers that can be withdrawn to form a functional unit capable of accomplishing certain types of power supply tasks. Between the functional unit and the busbar or cable, it is separated by a grounded metal plate or a functional board made of plastic to form three areas of busbar, functional unit and cable. There are also isolation measures between each functional unit. Drawer type switchgear has high reliability, safety and interchangeability. It is a relatively advanced switchgear. Most of the switchgears currently produced are drawer type switchgear. They are suitable for industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings that require high power supply reliability as a centralized control distribution center.

The height of the drawer cabinet selection switch cabinet drawer is based on the specific model of the switch cabinet to find out the maximum capacity of various drawer specifications. First, the drawer capacity must be greater than or equal to the loop capacity.

Depending on the size of the circuit breaker and the dimensions of other components in the circuit, the limited installation space of the reference drawer can be placed in the drawer.

The wiring method is generally divided into front panel, rear panel, plug-in type, and draw-out type. The drawer is only selected according to the current level and the installation position of the circuit breaker in the drawer. For example, the space inside the drawer is sufficient to meet the cable routing of the primary cable. Then select the front wiring of the board. If the size of the circuit breaker is occupied in the drawer, the wiring behind the board is selected when the front of the cable board cannot be wired. Plug-in and pull-out type are generally used for fixed installation of circuit breaker (directly fixed in the cabinet, no drawer), its function is equivalent to a drawer, when the circuit breaker is damaged and repaired, the circuit breaker body can be pulled away from the live conductor for easy maintenance, multi-purpose For fixed partition cabinets.

Generally, the power supply bureau and the substation use high-voltage cabinets, and then the transformers are stepped down to the low-voltage cabinets, and the low-voltage cabinets are connected to the various power distribution boxes. The protection devices such as switch breakers are assembled into one. Electrical Equipment. So, how should the low-voltage switchgear be safely operated in daily life?

1. Work on all and some of the powered disks, and the maintenance equipment and operating equipment should be clearly marked.

2. When drilling a large vibration such as drilling on the protection plate, measures should be taken to prevent the equipment from being turned off during operation.

3. The secondary windings of all current transformers and voltage transformers shall have permanent and reliable protection grounding.

4. When working on the secondary circuit of the running current transformer, the following safety measures should be taken:

(1). It is strictly forbidden to disconnect the current loop;

(2). In order to reliably short-circuit the secondary coil of the current transformer, the short-circuit piece and the short-circuit line must be used;

(3). It is forbidden to perform any work on the circuit and wire between the current transformer and the short-circuit terminal;

(4). Personnel should be supervised during work. Use insulated tools to stand on the insulation mat and do not disconnect the permanent ground in the circuit.

The above is about the characteristics of the drawer type low-voltage switchgear and the use of specifications, I hope to help everyone, and if you are interested in low-voltage switchgear, you can contact us, we can also provide Medium Voltage Electrical Switchgear, you can certainly meet your needs demand.