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Distribution Box Installation Standards

Dec. 27, 2019

Low-voltage Electric Panel Supplier shares with you.

Reasonable distribution of electrical energy to facilitate opening and closing operations on the circuit. It has a high level of safety protection and can directly show the conduction state of the circuit. Easy to manage etc.

Conventional standards:

Outdoor box with guardrail, grounding and rain cover;

Basic coloring, pay attention to beauty;

Have a nameplate with 3C certification.

Stable Operation Distribution Box

Low voltage electrical equipment, appliances and materials with a rated voltage of AC 1kv and below, and DC 1.5KV and below; high voltage electrical equipment, appliances and materials with a rated voltage greater than 1KV AC and 1.5kV DC. Wiring and handover tests of high-voltage systems must comply with GB50150 regulations.

The grounding or neutral branch must be connected to the corresponding mainline separately. No series connection is allowed.

The iron sheet thickness of the box must be 1.5mm, the household meter box can be 1.2mm, and the large box and floor cabinet must be appropriately thickened. Surge protectors generally use products designated by the Mine Office or the Meteorological Bureau.

See if the design is equipped with a leakage detector, and the power distribution box is properly reserved. Plastic case switches and leakage protection should meet the design requirements, and equipment switches are generally installed.

For power-driven machinery, it is necessary to implement the model and brand of the power control switch, whether it is two-speed or single-speed control.

The design wire inside the box must meet the requirements, wire diameter, and color (in accordance with the phase and color of the design A / B / C). The wiring in the box should not be close to the switch or the equipment in the box to implement the actual installation location of the building. Defects such as ring beams, pillars, doorways, shear walls, etc. It is necessary to consider the quality inspection station inspection cost of the distribution box.

Skin and lock requirements: iron shell control and hidden lock requirements.

It is necessary to implement the number of current A and the number of leakage guarantees, the operating time and the limit current of the main sub-box. Implement the function of the switch and single and double poles.

It is best to add an insulation board at the bottom of the distribution box.

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