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Daily Maintenance Of Distribution Cabinet

Dec. 06, 2019

With the rapid development of the social economy; Demand for electricity is growing; Electricity plays a vital role in people's life and production processes. The high and low voltage distribution cabinet is mainly responsible for converting high voltage to low voltage; Finally sent to the units; The device as a key player in the field of electricity; Undertaking extremely important tasks; With the development of technology, the distribution cabinet has realized unattended. However, in order to ensure the long-term use of power supply stability, or to carry out regular maintenance and overhaul, to ensure that the distribution cabinet always maintains a good state of operation. Distributed Control System Manufacturer shares with you.

Power Distribution Cabinet Control Box

So what does the routine maintenance work of the distribution cabinet include:

1. Check whether the names, signs, and numbers of the electrical components on the distribution cabinet and the cabinet are clear and correct, and whether the positions of the operating handles, buttons, etc. on the switch cabinet are consistent with the actual situation, whether they are firmly fixed, and whether the operations are flexible.

2. Whether the buttons on the power distribution cabinet that indicate "close" and "open" are secure and the operation is flexible.

3. Whether the contacts of disconnectors, circuit breakers, fuses and transformers are secure, and whether there is overheating or discoloration.

4. Whether the insulation of the secondary circuit wires is damaged or aging.

5. Whether the operation simulation board marked on the switch cabinet corresponds to the operating status of the electrical equipment.

6. Whether the glass in the meter or dial is loose and the meter indication is correct.

7. Whether the lighting fixtures in the power distribution room are intact and the brightness is uniform. Observe the instrument for glare.

8. Problems found during inspections should be handled in a timely manner and records should be made.

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