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About The Cabinet Type Of Convenient Low Voltage Electric Panel

Jun. 05, 2019

More and more Convenient Low Voltage Electric Panels are used in industrial production processes. The PLC control cabinet controlled by Leiheng has 22 process flows in the assembly process. Today, I will talk about the cabinet type of PLC control cabinet.

For the cabinet type of the PLC control cabinet, the fixed cabinet is generally used, and the door panel is the cabinet type of the whole door, such as the nine-fold cabinet and the sixteen-fold cabinet, the Practical Low Voltage Electric Panel and the like. It is not advisable to choose fixed partition cabinets, drawer cabinets, etc., because the components in the PLC cabinet are basically installed on the whole board. If the cabinet type divided by the cabinet door is not convenient to install and debug. For the GGD cabinet, when the counters must be selected, a non-standard design is required to merge the instrument door, the front door and the lower vent door into one whole door, and the front and rear beams are eliminated on the cabinet frame for installation and maintenance.

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