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What Matters should Pay Attention to for Cable Installation?

Jun. 29, 2019

Cable Installation Manufacturer would like to share with you the matters that should be paid attention to about Cable Installation. Please see the following points:

Cable Installation Manufacturer

1. The parallel cable between the mining cable and the heat pipe should be kept at an interval of 2m, and should be 0.5m when interspersed.

2. The cable should be kept at an interval of 0.5m when it is parallel or interspersed with other pipes.

3. When the cable is buried directly, the direct buried depth of the 1-35kV cable should be no less than 0.7m.

4. When the cable is parallel with 10kV and below, the clearance between each other is not less than 0.1m, 10-35kV is not less than 0.25m, and the interval between insertions is not less than 0.5m.

5. The minimum tortuous radius of the cable, the multi-core cable shall not be lower than 15D, and the single-core cable shall not be lower than 20D (D is the outer diameter of the cable).

6. It is necessary to waterproof the cable end and the corrosion of other corrosive materials to prevent the insulation layer from aging due to the water tree.

7. Cable loading and unloading is necessary to use cranes or forklifts to stop flat transport and flat lay. When using large cable installations, the cable car should be used to prevent the cable from being damaged by external force or scratching the insulation layer by manual dragging.

8. If the cable cannot be laid in time, it should be stored in a dry place to avoid sunlight exposure and water in the cable end.