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The Installation And Use Of Switch Cabinet

Oct. 12, 2019

Find here details of Low Voltage Switchgear on our website. Today we would like to talk about the installation and use of switch cabinet.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear

Installation and use:

1. When the product is unpacked and waiting for installation, it should be placed in a clean and dry room.

2. The installation steps are as follows:

a. Fix the switch cabinet on the base channel steel, use M12--M14 foot screw, or use welding.

b. The switch cabinets are connected by M12 bolts.

c. Install the main bus. Before installation, check whether the contact surface is flat, clean and non-oxidized. If it needs to be processed again, it should be noted that the contact surface will always have neutral Vaseline oil protection during the processing to prevent the formation of oxide layer, main busbar and various contacts in the cabinet. The bolts need to be tightened again before they are put into operation.

d. Install the cable. The cable is fixed on the angle steel at the bottom of the cabinet. After the corresponding regulations, the cable core is connected to the outlet end of the electrical appliance. When the number of cables exceeds two, the distribution board should be added.

e. The cabinet is grounded. Connect the grounding wire to the grounding bolt on the indoor side of the terminal or connect the grounding wire to the base channel steel when the cabinet is welded to the base channel.

f. Debug the circuit breaker according to the installation and operation instructions of the circuit breaker.

g. The drive system is tested and the requirements are correct. Each rotating part is filled with lubricating oil.

h. After the relays are set, the entire auxiliary circuit is tested for operation.

The installation of the product shall be carried out according to the general installation method of the distribution equipment. The base channel steel and the bolts when bolted are provided by the user. When the main busbar is connected, it is necessary to make the lap joint fit and flat, otherwise the cabinet bolts are loosened for adjustment.

The following points are shared by Low Voltage Switchgear Supplier:

1. The model and specifications of the low-voltage switchgear conductors are correct and the phase sequence is correctly connected.

2. The ends of the wires of the low-voltage switchgear have phase sequence marks on both ends, and the phase sequence marks are neat and beautiful.

3. The wire connector specifications are correct and the crimping method is correct and firm.

4. The length of the wire is moderately connected and the position and mode are correct and neat.

5. Wire connection bolts and flat washers and springs are suitable for the specifications; the torque values of the fastening bolts are in accordance with the requirements. The threads are exposed to the nuts 2 to 5, and the nuts should be placed on the maintenance side.

6. When the wire meets the metal edge and the metal hole, the metal hole and the metal edge should be protected.

7. When the wire meets the heating element and the main busbar, it should be kept at a distance of not less than 5cm from the heating element, such as reactor and heater. In addition, the wire cannot be close to the main busbar and capacitor.

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