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  • 220v/110v GZDW Series DC Power Supply System

220v/110v GZDW Series DC Power Supply System

The Main Features

1、High frequency switching power supply module as rectifier, modular design

2、The rectifier module adopts n+1 hot backup, and the current roughness between modules is less than 3%

3、Ac voltage input range is wide, can be used in bad places

4、Multi-level password authority management, eliminate illegal operation, ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system

5、Microcomputer monitoring and regulating bus voltage, with bus under voltage over voltage insulation low and ac power failure alarm functions

6、High precision constant current voltage regulation, high charging efficiency

7、RS485 communication interface, can facilitate the realization of four remote unattended

8、GZD(W) series of microcomputer high frequency switch power screen or charging feeder battery screen composed of plane number by the design and selection, can be arbitrary combination, very flexible

Product Introduction

The system supplies 500KV or lower-voltage power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, tall buildings, communication systerms, and railway systems with uninterrupted DC operation, relay proteration, signal control, and lighting.

Environmental conditions for product use

1、Less than 2000m above sea level

2、Ambient temperature -15℃~40℃

3、The relative humidity of the air does not exceed 90

4、No flammable and explosive dust, no corrosive metal and no harmful gas conductive particles that damage insulation

5、Installation site without violent vibration and impact, no strong electromagnetic interference

Product Advantage

GZDW type DC panel has high precision constant current and stable voltage charging efficiency

Controlled by this system, the entire DC complete system performs forced charging and equalized charging in strict accordance with the charging curve of the battery to avoid overcharging and undercharging and extend the service life of the battery.