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GGJ Low Voltage Switchgear

The Main Features

1、The main components in the compensation cabinet are capacitor reactor (CSR type), knife melt switch fuse contactor controller, etc. Csr-type reactive power compensation cabinet can be designed in a modular way according to the requirements of users. In other words, one module integrates capacitor reactor, fuse contactor, compact structure and novel layout

2、There are power factor meter ammeter switch on the cabinet panel,convenient for real-time observation by users,and automatic switching.The top of the cabinet is equipped with a fan for heat dissipation, which is controlled by a temperature control switch,the panel is provided with an automatic switch to control the fan

3、The cabinet is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, with good smoothness, plastic spraying treatment on the external surface and strong anti-corrosion ability. The internal frame is made of galvanized steel sheet aluminum zinc sheet to ensure better electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance

4、Complete protection function: short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage and equal protection; Convenient parameter setting; When the external fault occurs, it will exit the operation automatically and resume the operation automatically after power transmission

Product Introduction

The cabinet as a whole is designed according to the requirement of modern industrial product modelling design, use golden section proportion to design cabinet body appearance and the division dimension of each part, make whole beautiful and generous

Environmental conditions for product use

1、Ambient air should be no less than -5℃ at +40℃, and its average temperature should be no higher than +35℃ within 24 hours

2、The air is clean and the relative humidity is not more than 50% at the highest temperature +40℃ and 90% at the lower temperature, such as +20℃

3、Less than 2000m above sea level

4、No explosive gas, chemical corrosive gas, dust and violent vibration that can destroy the insulation, installation inclination shall not be more than 5 degrees

5、The device is suitable for transportation and storage in the following temperature ranges :-25℃ to +55℃, not exceeding +70℃ within a short time (24 hours)

6、When the above environmental conditions are exceeded, please consult with the manufacturer

Product Advantage

The basic cabinet rack of this cabinet is a combined assembly structure with high subsection capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, and arbitrary combination of various scheme units.The cabinet contains many loops, so it is safe, reliable and convenient for maintenance