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  • GCS low voltage switchgear

  • GCS low voltage switchgear

  • GCS low voltage switchgear

GCS low voltage switchgear

The Main Features

1、The cabinet frame is made of 8MF type open steel, which makes the assembly of the frame flexible and convenient

2、The horizontal busbar is arranged in the flat position behind the cabinet to increase the resistance of the busbar to electric power, which is the basic measure to make the main circuit have high short-circuit strength

3、Drawer of same function unit has good interchangeability unit loop rated current 400A and below

4、Drawer face plate has the distinct mark drawer unit that divides close test to take out the position such as unit to set mechanism to interlock device 1 drawer unit is main body, have take out type and fixed character at the same time, can mix combination, use at will

5、The separation between functional units is clear and reliable, and the failure of one unit will not affect the work of other units, so that the failure is limited to the minimum range

6、The number of loop of unit cabinet is up to 22 times, fully considering the needs of industries such as large-unit capacity power generation and petrochemical system

7、The same power distribution system can limit the short-circuit current by matching the current-limiting reactor, stabilize the busbar voltage at a certain value, and partially reduce the requirement for the short-circuit strength of components

Product Introduction

The cabinet as a whole is designed according to the requirement of modern industrial product modelling design, use golden section proportion to design cabinet body appearance and the division dimension of each part, make whole beautiful and generous

use environment

1、The elevation of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m

2、The ambient air temperature shall not be higher than +40℃, lower than -5℃, and the average temperature within 24h shall not be higher than +35℃. When the temperature exceeds the limit, the capacity reduction operation shall be carried out according to the actual situation

3、The inclination of the device to the vertical plane during installation shall not exceed 5, and the whole group of cabinets shall be level

4、The device shall be installed in a place free from violent vibration and shock and not sufficient to expose electrical components to undue corrosion

5、Special requirements of users can be negotiated with the manufacturer to solve

Product Advantage

The cabinet contains many loops, so it is safe, reliable and convenient for maintenance.

The basic cabinet rack of this cabinet is a combined assembly structure with high subsection capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, and arbitrary combination of various scheme units.