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  • Distributed Control System

  • Distributed Control System

Distributed Control System

The Main Features

All workstations transmit various data through communication network before, share information of the whole system and coordinate work,customize the control system according to the needs of each unit.

Product Introduction

DCS is referred to as decentralized control system. It is a multi-level computer control system with communication network as the link from process control level to process monitoring level. It integrates 4C technologies such as computer, communication, display and control.

Product Advantage

Complete functions high reliability:Since dcs distributed the control functions of the system to each computer, and the system structure adopted fault-tolerant design, the failure of one computer will not lead to the loss of other functions of the system.

High coordination: Each computer in the dcs system uses lan communication to realize information transmission.when the system functions need to be changed or expanded, a convenient network of connected graph system can be added, which hardly affects the work of other computers in the system.

Open and flexible:Through the configuration software according to the different process application objects for software and hardware configuration.

Easy to maintain:When a local or a computer failure, can not affect the whole system without online replacement, quickly troubleshooting.