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  • Cable Installation

  • Cable Installation

Cable Installation

The Main Features

Overhead cable construction is suitable for outdoor with low costoperation and maintenance convenience.

The construction cost of underground cable laying is relatively high, and the road access will not be affected after the completion of the construction

Product Introduction

Cable installation is divided into overhead cable and underground cable laying, according to the actual situation of the site to choose a more favorable construction plan

Overhead line is a kind of line that adopts tower support wire and is suitable for outdoor.Overhead wire routing wire pole insulator (porcelain bottle) and line hardware and grounding devices and other main components.In order to prevent the infringement of lightning, some overhead lines also set lightning conductor.The construction procedure of overhead line includes surveying, positioning, foundation construction, electric pole assembly, vertical pole, tie line construction, laying off, construction wire connection and fixed wire, etc.

Product Advantage

The company has rich construction experience can be more actual construction situation to give a better construction plan.