Electrical Panel

electical panelElectrical panel is a vital device that receives electrical power from external source then supply the power internally. It provides the platform where the electrical currents are channeled to electrical circuits within a building or an industrial plant. To ensure the right amount of power is circulated within the circuit system the panel is served with fuses also referred as circuit breakers.

Types of Electrical Panels

They are several types of electrical panels designed for various utilities purposes and capacities. Some of the panels commonly used are:

Main breaker panels: This panel is the principle platform from power is supplied and distributing within the circuit system.

Electrical sub-panels: These panels are also referred to as the breaker panels. They offer customized power circulation within the property. However, they do not have any effect on the energy capacity supply to the consumer. The sub-panels are essential in instances where multi-circuit system is required.

Transfer Switches Electric Panel: These panels are essential in places with frequent electric power interruptions. It connects to an alternative power sources as well as the normal source of power. One can opt for either automatic or manual transfer switches based on his/her requirements.

Main lug electric panel: This type of panel does not have a main circuit breaker. The line wire is directly connected to the power line wires and has a highly effective separate power disconnect. The panel is suitable for plants that utilizes high power voltages

Parts of the Electrical Service Panel

The service panel comprises of several parts. The elements are:
Circuit Breakers

The panel comprises of a number of fuses with one main circuit breaker. The fuses can be switched off or on. This helps to control excess electrical power that might damage various electrical appliances within the building or property. Also, during routine maintenance within the electrical system or other risky assignment within the home or industrial plant the fuses are switched off. Some power consumers also install specific fuse breakers in the panel to control electrical consumption. This highly sensitive fuses strip off in the event of connecting high power utility equipment to power source within the property.

Main Circuit Breaker

Basically, the main circuit breaker checks on the live power functioning in the panel. The main circuit breaker comprises of 2 thick hot wires that are black in color. The wires connect the "mains "with the power meter. Also, it comprises of 2 circuit breakers levels attached to each other. Further, the main circuit breaker determines amperage capacity of the service panel. Most of the main fuses have a capacity of 150 amps. Some main circuit breakers have amp capacities of 100 with high capacity fuse breakers comprising of 200 and 400 amps.

Hot Bus Bars

The hot bus bars are served with the 2 thick hot black wires that serve the "mains". Once power is received into the electrical meter it's supplied to the circuit system by the hot bus bars. One hot bus bar can be efficiently served by a single pole electric circuit breaker that has got a capacity of 120 volts. Two hot bus bars are served by high voltage capacity double pole circuit breakers with a capacity of 240 volts.

Black Power Wire

From the fuse box electrical current is transported to various devices within the home via the black power wire.

White Wire

It also referred to as the neutral circuit wire. This wire ferries electrical current from the electrical device back to the electric power panel. It's connected to the neutral bar within the panel.

Neutral Bar

This bar play a significant role as it's connects to all neutral wires within the circuit system. The bar is linked to the main power supply neutral wire. The main neutral circuit wire ferries back electric current back to the electricity service provider's transformer.

Grounding Wire

This wire is linked to the neutral bar. Its helps to connect all the neutral circuits on the ground and send them back to the neutral bar. Also, it has a safety role of preventing electrocution as it neutralizes electric power effects in case of electric faults.

Electrical panels are vital components in electrical supply that enhances power efficiency, electric rational supply and safety. Comprehension of this power device will help you to under the electric circuit flow in and out the supply target.

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